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my name is jo and i'm seventeen years old. this blog has a fuckton of big time rush and will soon have a metric fuckton of homestuck. have a lovely stay!

my twitter is @jodemu, but it's mostly just me bitching about things i don't want to bother my lovely tumblr followers with.

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fight fueled ouija board of cock

are people seriously still following me here


Posted 1 year ago

i miss this blog

why are you still following me

go here


i've moved blogs

i've moved blogs

i've moved blogs

i've moved blogs

i've moved blogs

i’ve moved blogs because i’ve had this one for like two years now. 

i feel like i need a fresh start. this blog is definitely staying up, though, because i don’t know how often i’ll come back to it. i’m going to queue the link to my new blog to post three times a day for the next week or so. if you want to follow me, go ahead, but don’t feel obligated.

FYI: i will be posting way more homestuck than big time rush for a while. i still love big time rush and i will definitely be involved with fandom, but homestuck is like buzz lightyear while big time rush is like woody in the first toy story. but eventually it will be like toy story 2 except hopefully big time rush won’t get kidnapped?

i've moved blogs